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With the success of Two Live Oak’s redevelopment and the pre-leasing of the new tower, we are confident that this will be a premier Buckhead project," stated Douglas M. When complete, it will be one of the North East's most modern shopping centres. We also believe Cousins Properties brings significant resources to our venture that will ensure its long term success. It is exciting for us to continue our decades-long working relationship with Cousins.

The Buckhead office submarket contains 9.3 million square feet of office space and is currently estimated to be approximately 95% leased, according to Jamison Research. The only new Class A office space delivered in the Buckhead submarket in the last several years is the 531,000 square foot Monarch Tower, which delivered in the first quarter 1997 and is now 99% leased property valuers adelaide.

Stonebridge also advises educational and not-for-profit institutions on a wide variety of real estate projects. Stonebridge advisory clients include Duke University, University of Virginia, and Jefferson Health System. We have made substantial progress in agreeing terms for the purchase of these properties and in attracting major high street retailers to the development. today announced that Arthur Andersen LLP has signed as the first major tenant for 101 Second Street, Regent Walk is on target for its opening date of Christmas 2001.

It is extremely good news for Red car town centre and shoppers there and in surrounding areas. Walk benefit retailers with requirements for units in the town centre and encourage investment into Red car. 16 of the retail units are currently in solicitors' hands with a further two in detailed negotiations. Meeting market demand, Crest Nicholson Properties (CNP) this week started on site, with the speculative development of a 6,503 sq m (70,000 sq ft)

This speculative phase known as The Perry Centre is arranged in four high quality industrial units. The available space ranges in size from 928 sq m (9,990 sq ft) to 2,519 sq m (27,120 sq ft) with parking for a total of 140 cars. The scheme is scheduled for completion shortly after the 106 bed Holiday Inn Express hotel and the Bass pub/restaurant open for business in Easter 2000.

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Pressure for increased transparency is, however, growing in response to the rising pre-disposition to real estate generally within the capital markets and a particular emphasis on the comparatively high-income returns which are available in the industrial sector. In many of the markets of Asia, Europe, and the US, the industrial sector has offered the best running returns of any mainstream house valuation, asset class over the past two to three years. Capital and debt allocations seeking prime stock have lisen accordingly.

Globalisation within the industrial and distribution economy is much longer established than in the office market. The effects are therefore more apparent and, in many locations, already worked through. Manufacturing is clearly the increasing preserve of Asian nations, especially China where industrial activity underpins the world's fastest rate of economic growth and a forecast rate of expansion which will ultimately result in a re-alignment of global economic power. The markets of the house valuation melbourne are left with a manufacturing base which places increased emphasis on high- value goods and specialist skills and a distribution market wherein just-in-time delivery and minimal stock reserves have reconfigured the logistics landscape and property market. Older, out-moded stock struggles to compete and offers mounting challenges from an asset management and investment perspective.

In line with international economic contraction, the industrial sector, and manufacturing, in particular, have experienced considerable difficulties over the past two to three years with falling order books, rising latent capacity ratios and larger product inventories. After a harsh period, manufacturing seems to have turned a corner and incremental growth can be expected in 2004. "Chartered surveyors Derrick Wade Waters, of Roydon, near Harlow, are acting for the Gates Group in respect of project management and design.""They are in recognition of the great contribution these individuals have made to the success of the Firm in recent years."

"Recent research by property consultants Strutt & Parker shows the health and fitness sector suffered another difficult year in 2003," with this actually worse than the previous year. Global uncertainty, fierce competition, and price-cutting by some operators combined to generally depress the sector.